The time has come .. & I'm moving on!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Hello, everyone!

Some of you (you know who you are!) are going to receive the best news ever today. My days with this blog have come to an end.

Haters, rejoice! As for everyone else, do not fret! After many hours of trying to figure out how I could possibly take on this blog and run my business, I realized that I simply cannot. BUT, I'll be taking my passion for all things blogging to my business and my business' blog.

Chores & More has grown so much since my partner and I have taken it on full time. It is officially our primary source of income and, though I will continue to freelance as a writer on the side for a little extra cash here and there, I want to make sure I stay focused on our business, because we're dreamin' big and we've got A LOT of ideas.

My partner and I have also decided to close up shop for Sammy and Milo. But, again, we're not giving up our passion for selling you guys pretty, handmade goodies. We're going to rebrand our Etsy shop through Chores & More, and will be selling all sorts of products.

I can't give you all too many details about all of this, but I can tell you that you can keep up with my newest ventures through my business' website:

Will I miss this blog? Yes. It has given me so much pleasure to tell you guys about my life and my shenanigans. You guys walked alongside me through stepmotherhood (that I realized I was terrible at!), moving into a house, a horrible breakup, DIY projects of all kinds, a new love through Tinder (which IS still going strong. That man is my friggin' life!) and my PCOS diagnosis. Some of you hated this blog, but most of you loved it. This blog stirred trouble, but it also inspired many.

 Again, I'll still be blogging! It'll just be through a different platform. Until then, be sure to find me through my other online stuff:

I hope you all will follow me on my new journey! See ya! 

♥  Holly Anne 

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