Six Unwritten Rules of Successful Blogging

It's kind of funny; I don't have as many readers as I'd like to have on here (yet!) but, lately, people have been approaching me and asking me how to start a blog.

I’ve been an avid blogger since the very young age of just 13. I’ve used all the sites – LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger, WordPress and even Tumblr. As a journalism major at Hofstra University, I had to learn all aspects of communications – print, broadcast and, perhaps most importantly, digital (including social media and blogging). My former classmates and I were told that blogging is essential to establishing ourselves and our brands as freelance journalists and writers.

Blogs can be used for anything and everything. You want to make a blog and only write about your favorite movies released from 1980 to 1985? Do it! Want to create a blog and cater all of your posts to your cat? Why not?! Do you want to start a blog and use it to get people to buy your business products? Sure!

No matter what kind of blog you're planning on launching, there’s a lot of ‘unwritten rules’ in the world of blogging, and I’d love to share some of them with you.

Post frequently!

I’ve seen many great blogs with wonderful imagery and copy, but their last post was in 2011. It’s always good to keep your blog up-to-date and post frequently. Post as much as you can; at least once a week, but most successful bloggers post once or more daily. When people visit your blog, they will be more likely to read it if the posts are recent. It will also secure loyal followers (and isn't that kind of the point of your blog?!).

Use all types of media on your blog post.

You don’t have to be a videographer to put videos on your blog. You don’t have to be a broadcaster to put some kind of audio on there. All you need is a little bit of knowledge on how to create different kinds of media. Nobody wants to just read text from post to post. They want pictures, slideshows, podcasts (or small audio clips), and perhaps behind-the-scenes video footage. Add links to other blogs and sites. Adding multimedia to some of your posts will attract more readers (and viewers, and listeners).

Keep your brand consistent on your blog.

This might seem like simple common sense, but I’ve seen many blogs where the layout doesn’t match the person's or business' website. Take your logo and slap it on the top of the blog, and make the colors of the blog match the color palette of your brand. Use the same fonts throughout your sites. It’s the little things like a consistent color scheme and logo on all of your websites and social media pages that help your company and/or name stick in a reader's mind. Don't pick crazy, non-friendly layouts and, for goodness sake, don't use comic sans. Everyone in the world hates that damn font.

Don’t make your posts too long.

They say that people who read on a computer screen read 25 percent slower than they do on paper, and their eyes get tired more quickly. Studies have shown that website readers usually scan the page, picking out specific sentences and words, and, if there is too much copy, they’ll leave the page. In order to keep your visitors from leaving, you have to limit the amount of writing you post. Use bulleted lists. Use subheads. Add those pictures and media. Use bold, italics, and underline for key words. And (a lot of people don’t know this) take advantage of that line break! Write paragraphs of all different lengths. Dividing up your text and formatting it differently throughout will make it easier for viewers to read (and they’ll be more likely to stay on your page).

Engage your readers.

Readers find blogs a lot more interesting when they are asked to engage on a post. If you’re posting about a recent product launch, you can ask for readers’ opinions about the product. If you’re posting about a problem you face as a blogger, ask your fellow blogger readers if they’ve ever experienced a similar problem. Get people to talk. Besides, everyone loves talking about themselves, amirite?

Share your latest posts!

When you’re finished with your post, share it to your Facebook page, Twitter page, and any other social media platforms that you have an account on. Your purpose for blogging is to have viewers visit the site and read your posts. When you share the link, be sure to add a compelling title and caption so that social media browsers will actually click the link.

Abiding to these simple guidelines will help your blog become a successful one. It will be a platform in which you can showcase your thoughts and work AND your personality to readers, fans and even internet browsers who simply have some extra leisure time. Remember, keep posts frequent, use multiple types of media, and keep the posts short and sweet, and you should have more readers in no time!

Do you know of any other useful tips for bloggers? How do you get readers to your blog? Let’s chat about it in the comments! Leave ya girl some sweet lovin'!

Love you guys!

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