Holly's Style: My 2016 Spring Wish List

Spring ... it's finally here!

Well, I hope it is, anyway. With daylight savings time just around the corner (remember to set your clocks an hour ahead on Sunday, March 13!) and 70-degree days approaching this week (this is actually true; it's going to reach 74 degrees on Thursday!), it's almost time to pack away the heavy coats and gloves, and stock up on some goodies for the warmer weather!

Spring isn't just a season, it's a huge online shopping destination that sells quality products from more than 900 brands. Founded in 2013, the company continues to grow and employs more than 80 people!

The Spring website describes the brand as follows:
Inspired by the beautiful boutiques lining New York City’s Spring Street in SoHo, we created our brand to emulate the experience of having all these shops available in one place.
The best part? Spring offers free shipping on all orders. I don't know about you guys, but I swear I'll fill up my cart with $200 worth of stuff and refuse to check out if there's a $20 shipping charge (I can't be the only person who does this!).

Anyhow, Spring has some great accessories for the upcoming season, and I thought I'd share my wish list with you guys. Keep in mind, this is a reflection of my style, and I know that not all people share a similar taste. But, whatever, yo! This is what I like and these are the must-haves for my closet this spring.

Freyrs Eyewear
Lily Women's Sunglasses - $39.95
Lily Women's Sunglasses | Spring
UGH, aren't these shades absolute perfection? I love how sleek and modern they are. The clear, plastic frames paired with the maroon frames is just perfect.

Printed Cotton Bow Hair Clip - $14 $7
Printed Cotton Bow Hair Clip | Spring

Printed Cotton Bow Hair Clip | Spring

As the weather gets warmer, I prefer to wear my hair up. I also always stock up on my floral accessories, because let's face it, floral will never go out of style. These black-and-white beauties will match any outfit and will look great with any hairstyle.

Black Floral Lightweight Merino Wool Scarf | Spring

Black Floral Lightweight Merino Wool Scarf | Spring
Crafted in Italy from sumptuously soft merino wool, the new collection of whisper-weight scarves are hand-painted in the designer's studio and finished with eyelash-fringe trim. As someone obsessed with black and (as previously stated) floral things, I'd rock this baby any time of the year.


Big. Floppy. Hats. 'Nuff said.

Slim Runway Rose Gold-tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch | Spring
There's just something elegant and sophisticated about rose gold. I also feel like it's pink hue makes this beautiful metal a perfect enhancement for any spring accessory. Also, I love all things Michael Kors, so there's that.

Must-haves for the spring: stellar sunglasses, florals, lightweight scarves and sunhats (to name a few).

Tell me; what are your spring must-haves? Do any of these items on my wish list speak to you? If they do speak to you, you should probably see a doctor (see what I did there? I'm hilarious!)

Drop a line in the comments! You know how much I love the love. ;)

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