My Favorite Photo in 2015: A Photo Diary of my Cruise to Bermuda!

When I was browsing the stunning Social Print Studio website, I was challenged and compelled to write this post. I've used some "pretty pictures" in various blog posts, including, "Why 'Growing Up' Isn't as Bad as it Seems." See, I love taking pictures. I love taking selfies, and landscape photos, and pictures of my pets, and basically everything. But, unfortunately, I don't have a special camera (yet!) or Photoshop on this computer, so I just use my phone and do what I can to take a stellar photo when I'm desiring to take one.

So, there was one simple question that I needed to answer: "What was your favorite photo that you took in 2015?"

I immediately thought about one of the best experiences of my 2015 year: my cruise to Bermuda. Goodness, I could move there and live there forever. The place is so, so beautiful, and so full of culture and life. It's an island that never sleeps, and there's always a new place to explore. When we cruised there on the Norwegian Breakaway, we docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda for three days.

Being the diva that I am, I said in a balcony room with my bestie, so we had the most amazing view ever from the ship. I was on the 10th floor, so we were high up, which allowed me to capture really great shots from my balcony. I remember our first morning docked; I woke up and the curtains were drawn. The room was essentially pitch black (those curtains were insane!). The boat wasn't rocking at all, and I heard people through the glass door to our balcony. I got up, still kind of half-asleep, and stumbled my way over to the window. I stepped outside and saw this:

Click the image to enlarge it!

This is a photo from my balcony on the 10th floor of the cruise ship. It's a photo of the stunning Royal Naval Dockyard. So many photographers do so much to get the "perfect shot," but I'm not professional photographer. The only thing I could remember doing was running to grab my phone (at the time, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4), running back out onto the balcony (and let me tell you, the sun was HOT on the balcony and my feet!), and held it as steadily as I possibly could. I tried to get as much of the scenery in one shot, but that was nearly impossible, as there was beautiful scenery everywhere!

So, that's why the above photo is my absolute favorite ever. It's a photo that brings back so many amazing memories of my trip there and, well, it's gorgeous!

Here are some other great photos that I took while on my trip:

I kind of miss my bangs!

The Noodle Bar was fab! 

So much culture and dancing in the city of Hamilton!

The view from our sunset rum cruise!

Yes, this was a bar entirely made of ice.
If you have some stellar Instagram, desktop or mobile photos of your own, you can have them printed and shipped right to you from Social Print Studio. While you're at it, be sure to also check out their metal prints page. ;)

Did you guys make any trips in 2015? Where did you go? I want to hear all about it! Drop a line in the comments.

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