I have PCOS, but I will never be PCOS: My story

Well, this explains why you haven’t had your period in seven months. You have PCOS.

A tall, thin middle-aged lady with curly blonde hair, my midwife, Linda, continued to keep her eyes—which were masked by reading glasses—on the laptop screen in front of her. I immediately broke down in tears as I lay on that cold, hard table with my legs spread in the stirrups. My mother was in the room with me, too, teary-eyed and saddened by my reaction to the news. I had read about polycystic ovarian syndrome and all that it does to women. I read stories of women who never had babies and would never become mothers. Hearing Linda tell me that PCOS is super common and that many women have it didn’t make me feel any better. In a sort of dazed stupor, I sent Brian a text:

I have PCOS.

My Favorite Photo in 2015: A Photo Diary of my Cruise to Bermuda!

When I was browsing the stunning Social Print Studio website, I was challenged and compelled to write this post. I've used some "pretty pictures" in various blog posts, including, "Why 'Growing Up' Isn't as Bad as it Seems." See, I love taking pictures. I love taking selfies, and landscape photos, and pictures of my pets, and basically everything. But, unfortunately, I don't have a special camera (yet!) or Photoshop on this computer, so I just use my phone and do what I can to take a stellar photo when I'm desiring to take one.

So, there was one simple question that I needed to answer: "What was your favorite photo that you took in 2015?"

I immediately thought about one of the best experiences of my 2015 year: my cruise to Bermuda. Goodness, I could move there and live there forever. The place is so, so beautiful, and so full of culture and life. It's an island that never sleeps, and there's always a new place to explore. When we cruised there on the Norwegian Breakaway, we docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda for three days.

Being the diva that I am, I said in a balcony room with my bestie, so we had the most amazing view ever from the ship. I was on the 10th floor, so we were high up, which allowed me to capture really great shots from my balcony. I remember our first morning docked; I woke up and the curtains were drawn. The room was essentially pitch black (those curtains were insane!). The boat wasn't rocking at all, and I heard people through the glass door to our balcony. I got up, still kind of half-asleep, and stumbled my way over to the window. I stepped outside and saw this:

Click the image to enlarge it!

It’s My Anniversary… so Let’s Talk Relationship Tests

Man, it seems surreal that Brian and I get to celebrate our three-year anniversary today. It seems like just yesterday I was dumped by the a****** before him, who had suddenly left me when he simply decided that he wanted to move on.

I could write post after post about the s*** that my ex had put me through, and maybe I will, one day. Today, I’ve decided instead to tell you all about tests. No, not math or science tests; I’m here to talk about relationship tests.

I’ve seen too many times people leaving their partners because they can’t handle the stress that their relationship brings. I hate to break it to you guys, but every single relationship will bring forth stress. You can be the most in-love couple in the entire world and you’ll still be presented with trials and tribulations that you’ll have to deal with together. That’s life. That’s just…how it goes. 

Some of my old makeup looks!

Eye model: Angela Sasso | Makeup by: Holly Anne Silva
Things have been crazy busy for me! Between my volunteer work, my full-time job, my SECOND job (it was only seasonal, so I'm back now!) and the move into my house, I've barely had time for anything.

I wanted to use this post (and this bandwidth LOL) to show y'all some of the old makeup looks I've done, but never had a chance to blog about.

If you want any step-by-step tutorials for these, or simply want to know that products I used, leave a comment below and I'll tell ya!

Why “Growing Up” isn’t as Bad as it Seems

I’m 25 now, and I’ll gladly admit that I often miss being 21. It was a time when I had little worries, was able to go out with my friends almost every night without consequence, and I felt more confident than I had ever before. I had little responsibility.

Brian misses being 21, too. He’s 26 now and he has a kid. Things change when you have a kid. Hell, things change when you have a step-kid. When he was 21, he sang in a band, threw parties, and enjoyed the attention he got from girls who threw themselves at him because he was that mysterious bad boy with the studded leather jacket and Mohawk that sat atop his head.

Somewhere between 21 and 25, I lost a lot of friends. Not due to fights or anything like that; we kind of just went our separate ways. Somewhere between 21 and 25, I was diagnosed with PCOS and gained more than 50 pounds. Somewhere between 21 and 25, I acquired a ton of bills and debt. Somewhere between 21 and 25, I attained the responsibility of a stepdaughter every other weekend.