We're moving into our first HOUSE!


I just quickly wanted to share some exciting news with you guys. Brian (my fiancé) and I are moving into a house!

It's a cute little corner cape right across the street from my parents' house, so we will have the best neighbors ever. It features four bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a coat closet, a pantry closet and a linen closet, as well as large closets in all of the bedrooms. There's also an unfinished basement, which will be primarily used for storage, and our washer and dryer. The roof, siding and windows are all new. What we'll be paying for the house is an absolute steal, especially in today's market on Long Island. We are a little nervous because Brian recently landed his career and money will definitely be tight at first, but we think that it's an excellent investment for our future.

I'm most excited because this house will provide me and my crafty self many DIY opportunities, as the house isn't brand new and will need some aesthetic work. I'm so excited to actually get started!

Our floor plans (for now) will be as follows: our master bedroom and Abigail's room will be on the first floor, and upstairs will include an office and a guest room. The house has a nice, roomy front and side yard (perfect for our pup to run around and play!).

I'm already thinking that I want to paint the wooden fence white .. hmmmm ..

So, guys, I ask that you keep Brian and I in your prayers. Our living situation right now is a congested one and we want what's best for ourselves, our fur babies and Abigail (his daughter). Yes, it's not going to be easy for us at first, but we're hoping it'll get much easier as time goes on! We'll be moving in on December 1.

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