DIY Baby Shower Gift: Onesie Cupcakes


I wanted to show you guys one of the cutest/easiest/cheapest baby-shower-gift DIY projects of all time! This is one of those projects that's actually perfect if you're not super crafty.

We're moving into our first HOUSE!


I just quickly wanted to share some exciting news with you guys. Brian (my fiancé) and I are moving into a house!

It's a cute little corner cape right across the street from my parents' house, so we will have the best neighbors ever. It features four bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a coat closet, a pantry closet and a linen closet, as well as large closets in all of the bedrooms. There's also an unfinished basement, which will be primarily used for storage, and our washer and dryer. The roof, siding and windows are all new. What we'll be paying for the house is an absolute steal, especially in today's market on Long Island. We are a little nervous because Brian recently landed his career and money will definitely be tight at first, but we think that it's an excellent investment for our future.

Biggest project so far: I re-did my bathroom!

First of all, let me say right now that I am addicted to staining every piece of wood that I can get my hands on. I have this strange obsession with dark stains; some of my favorites are black, espresso and cherry.

A couple of months ago, when I was living in my old apartment, I decided that I wanted to re-do my bathroom. Man, that bathroom was just awful. The walls were a very ugly grey color and terribly painted. The previous tenant created a drip effect with a type of paint lacquer, so the walls were extremely bumpy and uneven, too. I realized that I'd had enough and I couldn't take it anymore.