BREAKING: OPI announces collaboration with Coca-Cola for new nail lacquer launch

Harris Shepard Public Relations

Nail care and beauty product/service provider OPI Products Inc. announced that they will be collaborating with beverage company Coca-Cola to launch a line of nail lacquers this past Wednesday.

I had a baby! But, she's not mine ...

So I've decided to do something a little different for today's post. I've decided to talk about this gorgeous, perfect little baby; a baby I love the way a mother loves a daughter of her own.

The only thing is, she's not mine. 

I've been involved in Abigail's life since before she was born. I witnessed the entire pregnancy, her birth (also I actually wasn't there for it), and her growing up. She's six months old now. And while babies are usually a mere bundle of joy, happiness, and love, Abigail's arrival was far from that for me.

I started seeing my fiancĂ© in January of 2013. We really hit it off on our first date, and things all kind of happened quickly, but we immediately started to fall in love. Even today, we say our love for each other is almost dangerous, because it's not a normal kind of love. It's passionate and it's emotional, almost obsessive. He asked me to be his girlfriend on February 24th, 2013, on stage, at a show he played with his band.

Eyes: Edgy Pink and Purple


This may perhaps be one of the best looks I've ever done! I love the edginess and pure glamour that comes with this eye look. It's definitely an awesome evening look and I am so excited to tell you how I achieved it!